My Discover Weekly: What I Liked

One of Spotify’s new features is a weekly playlist constructed of specially-selected songs, just for you!  This playlist is based off the music you’ve previously ‘saved to your music’ in the past.  This feature was initially released last week, but I figured I would write about what I enjoyed from this week’s playlist.

1. Kanye – Bogan Via // I thought this song was a beautiful mixture of flowy and poppy, putting me in a great mood.  I can see this song being great for early morning drives to work or school, when you really need that push to get your day started off right.

2. Peaches – In The Valley Below // I’ve heard this song a few times on SiriusXM, but it’s always a pleasant surprise.  Very laid back, making the listener feel they’re in a movie montage of people relaxing and having fun on the beach in California on a warm, sunny day.  Yeah, it’s that good.

3. How Do I Know – Here We Go Magic // This particular song flows in really well with “Peaches.”  It’s yet another California beach-setting, sun-on-your-skin, pina-colada-in-hand song.  Nice and poppy with great vocals.

4. Moments – De Lux // Fun and upbeat–this track will definitely be added to my running playlist ASAP.  Gives you a sense of calm while also putting you in a great mood.

5. Lolita – Throw Me The Statue // Y’know that point in the day where you hit that “mid-afternoon slump?”  Put this song on.  Problem solved.

6. Trustful Hands – The Dø // I absolutely love this song!  Stop what you’re doing and listen to this!

7. Tangible Intangible – Fly Golden Eagle // Super relaxing, I just want to cruise around the city with this playing.  The vocals are one of my favorite styles–higher pitched male voice, with notes that are slow and long.

8. Oh My God – Hollow Wood // Great track to just chill and sit back to.  Grab a topo chico, go out on your porch, and have some one-on-one time with your pup.  It has great drums, guitar, and vocals.  What more could you ask for?

9. Icarus – White Hinterland // This song is in the opening credits for It’s Kind of A Funny Story, so if you’ve seen that movie, you’ve heard about five seconds of this song.  I highly recommend giving this a listen.

10. Fever Dreams – Nurses // Easy listening.  Very interesting vocals over psychedelic-sounding instrumentation.

And that is all I have for now.  I’d really appreciate it if you left feedback–did you like or dislike any of these songs?  Would you like me to do another post like this again soon?  Just let me know!

Write soon.



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