22.July.2015: Why I Am…

You lit a match last night,

Which ignited a fire that I thought had died out,


Every key you touched, every time you hit ‘send,’

That fire rose a little higher.

All of the hate you spread

With the effortless strokes on your phone,

You allowed this systemized oppression to continue.

I am sorry you are this uneducated.

I am sorry that you don’t believe these well researched and proven facts.

But do not worry.

Do not worry – I forgive you.

I forgive the personal attack you made upon my livelihood.

I forgive the ignorant things you said,

All because you have not been educated.

I am sorry our system has failed you and many others.

I am sorry you are able to continue living with this

False knowledge filling your brain

Every cell contributing towards making life hard for everyone else,

Everyone who is not a





But I still love you,

As a human being.

I will try to have the patience,

To teach you.

To give you an education no one else has thought to give you.

You are why I am,



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