Wedding Outfits

I am finally writing another blog post and I apologize for being absent for several weeks.  Summer term started and that was an experience, to say the least.  Even though I was pretty busy during the week, Zach and I still made time for fun.  This past weekend, we went to his cousin’s wedding and I figured I would write a post about what we wore!

image1 (2)

This wedding was on the 4th and it was super exciting to get to dress up, even though we didn’t get to see any fireworks.  I don’t think I would have had my 4th of July any different, however.  Waking up, getting dressed up, and putting on makeup were something I was looking forward to during the entire last week of classes!  It was finally going to be something fun!

20008_10207503067873862_6509175221134258772_nI went with a mint dress, black heels, pink accessories, and mint nail polish.  I purchased the dress (Velvet Torch) from Nordstrom Rack for $30, the 4″ heels from Lulu’s (just search for ‘vegan heels’ and you’ll get plenty of options to choose from) for $40, the necklace from Francesca’s for $22, my earrings from Target for $7, and the nail polish (Spa Ritual) from Ulta for $13.  The total comes out to a rough estimate of $99.  If I were just going to be wearing this outfit for just one day, I most likely wouldn’t have spent this much money however, this outfit is perfect for spring and summer date nights.

Unfortunately, I didn’t break in my heels enough by the 4th.  I had made pasta in them, walked pointlessly around my apartment, and wore them while cleaning, but apparently that wasn’t enough.  By the end of the night, I had 3 blisters on my toes, even though I had put band-aids on between the ceremony and reception.  My feet were not too happy the next day.  Overall, I really loved the heels, although I’d just take more care next time on making sure they’re 100% broken in before you attend your event.

For my make-up, I watched a ton of videos on YouTube from Desi Perkins and LustreLux.  In particular, I found these videos helpful:

The two top products that I loved out of this makeup was the Moondust eyeshadow (Glitter Rock) from Urban Decay and the Ink for Eyes liquid eyeliner pen from Urban Decay.  Fortunately, they have a specific tab labeled ‘vegan’ on their website for all of their vegan-friendly cosmetics, so I didn’t have to do too exhaustive of a search before finding exactly what I was looking for.

To do my makeup for this event, it took be about 30 to 45 minutes total, although I’m sure if you’re used to using makeup more than I am (and I’m sure you are), it should take you less time.  Here’s a close-up of the finished aesthetic.
11698575_10207503042553229_8115952218831159819_nNow on to Zach’s outfit:

image1 (1)

Zach went with a gray suit, a slightly patterned white shirt, a mint bow tie, and a classic watch.  He purchased the gray suit from H&M for $80, the shirt from H&M for $20, the mint bow tie from American Apparel for $10, and he already had the watch.  In total, he spent roughly $110 for his outfit, but again, a gray suit can be worn again and again for different events.

I loved that his bow tie and my dress matched perfectly!  We were debating on whether to get the pink or mint chambray bow tie from American Apparel, but when we went in the store (I was wearing my dress) we saw that the mint option matched and really tied our outfits together.

I think both of our outfits made us feel confident and the fact that we matched helped with our confidence, too!  I know we both felt like a million bucks during that event.  Hopefully you like our outfits, too.  If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

I promise to write back soon!



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