Weekends are Rad–Especially When Sleater-Kinney is in the Mix!

Soaking wet, muddy, and excited, I saw Sleater-Kinney.  This weekend, Zach and I went to Austin and had a wild time.


The forecast for Friday night was predicting rain and man oh man, were they right.  After clocking-out at work and getting started on the drive to Austin, it started raining.  Fortunately it wasn’t too heavy, but it still gave me an unsettling feeling in the bottom of my stomach about the show that we were going to later that night.  By the time we had arrived in Austin, it had stopped raining.  So we headed into Stubb’s and made our move into the crowd of chill people at the bottom of the stage.  At the show, we met one of my friends there who has an equal amount of love for Carrie Brownstein as I do.  We went to go to check out the merch and guess what?  It began…It started out as a sprinkle, but progressively got worse.  The show was outside and of course we didn’t bring ponchos so guess who got wet before anyone even went on stage!  But even though I was still dreading the rain, I got my merch and headed back.  Within the 500 foot walk back towards where Zach was, Caitlin and I got drenched.  My clothes were soaked through and I was only hoping it wouldn’t get too much worse.

Fortunately, it didn’t.  Eventually the rain died down for the rest of the show.  While the rain was still going, though, THEESatisfaction went on and they were wonderful!  They are a hip hop duo from Seattle, Washington (also signed with Sub Pop Records) and they make fab beats.  From their own website, “they write, produce and perform their own material, funk-psychedelic feminista sci-fi epics with the warmth and depth of Black Jazz and Sunday morning soul, frosted with icy raps that evoke equal parts Elaine Brown, Ursula Rucker and Q-Tip.”  Sounds pretty sweet, right?  I really enjoyed their set and will definitely be looking for another one of their shows to go to in the future.  If you want to check out what they sound like, here’s a video for ya:

Carrie Brownstein atop Janet's drums.
Carrie Brownstein atop Janet’s drums.

After THEESatisfaction finished their set, the one and only Sleater-Kinney went on!  They delivered a miraculous performance and I am still seriously having some post-concert withdrawals.  S-K delivered a lot of rock and a lot of roll and I wish it could have just gone on forever.  Corin’s vocals, Carrie’s guitar, and Janet’s drumming will forever be captured in my head.  They played songs off of their newest album, No Cities to Love, as well as some of their older stuff.  They really made sure to get a nice flow going and played well to the crowd.  I couldn’t have imagined a better show.  As my friend, Caitlin, said, “the rain just made it that much more magical.”  I couldn’t agree more.

After the show, Zach and I promptly went to the hotel still dressed in damp clothes.  The second we got inside it was time to change into our PJ’s and hit the hay.  We were exhausted, but filled with great memories.

The next morning we had scheduled to get breakfast with a friend at 8.  Well, I suppose I didn’t set my alarm right because we overslept.  We didn’t even wake up until 9:30, so y’know, we felt pretty bad.  Fortunately the friend we were going to get breakfast with was really chill about it.  (Thank you, again, Bernard!)  We then headed towards Bouldin Creek Cafe, which is my absolute favorite breakfast spot in Austin.  It’s an all-vegetarian place with loads of vegan options.  Once we got there, we learned that it was quite a long wait and I had a tattoo appointment to get to later, so we ended up going elsewhere.

Enter: Capital City Bakery!  This vegan bakery is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Everything there is delicious.  Zach and I had a cinnamon roll and some coffee, while Bernard had a “Sausage,” jalapeno, and “cheese” kolache.  Bernard also bought us all an oatmeal cream pie (my favorite thing there) for us to share.  Yum!

Cinnamon roll and a gingerbread soy latte.
Cinnamon roll and a gingerbread soy latte.
My tattoo done by Gabriel Cancino at Electric 13 Tattoo
My tattoo done by Gabriel Cancino at Electric 13 Tattoo

After our sugar-packed breakfast, Zach and I dropped off Bernard and then were off to my tattoo appointment.  My tattoo was with Gabriel Cancino at Electric 13 Tattoo in Austin and I am so ecstatic about how it turned out–it’s perfect!  It was two straight hours of work and worth every penny.  Gabe was extremely friendly and we got to jam out to some Hall and Oates while it was getting done.

Now we’re back at home and having a full-blown homework day since we didn’t do any studying in Austin (I mean, who would, honestly?)  So I hope y’all had a great weekend and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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