A Morning Walk: Texas A&M Edition

Howdy!  That’s a phrase you’ll hear a lot when attending Texas A&M University.  It was something I had to get used to–you never really heard that at Texas State University.  While you may already know Texas is filled with “y’alls,” you’ll also learn some new vocabulary when on Texas A&M’s grounds–“gig ’em,” “hump it, Ags,” and “bad bull,” just to name a few.  Even though I won’t be using much of that talk here, I did want to write about my wonderful morning adventure with Zach and Crockett (complete with pictures, of course)!

Academic building.
Academic building.

The three of us went on roughly an hour walk around campus; even though we see these buildings and trees every day, it’s still really nice to go for a walk and actually look at them–appreciate how beautiful they are.  The building pictured above is the Academic building.  It’s right next to Academic Plaza and Military Walk–you’ll see plenty of people enjoying the wonderful Texas weather in their hammocks near these areas basically any time of day during the week!  The Academic building has department offices and a few classes, but I’ve never had any there.  Since I’m an English and Women’s and Gender Studies major, I spend most of my time here:

Liberal Arts and Humanities
Liberal Arts and Humanities

Pretty, huh?  This building is one of the newest ones on campus.  It didn’t finish building until 2011 and classes didn’t start here until 2013.  It looks immaculate.  I really love this building because it looks so beautiful on the outside, as well as the inside, which I really wish I had a picture to show you.  Most of my classes are here and it’s great.  I’m looking forward to my senior year when I really am able to have almost all of my classes in one place!  If only they had a food court somewhere in this building.

Moving on, let’s talk about Evans Library.  I love this library!  While we have multiple libraries on-campus (5, to be exact), this is my favorite.  There’s a Starbucks on the first floor and while you may have to wait 40 minutes to get your dang soy latte (seriously!), it’s well worth it.  If I have to study, I at least need some coffee to make it manageable.  They have designated quiet floors, which are perfect for me.  Or if you prefer to have a bit of an underlying murmur, the first floor is perfect to grab a seat and get some work put in.  Once it gets a bit closer to finals week, I know this library and the Starbucks sitting inside will become my two best friends.

Now, A&M is huge on it’s traditions.  One of my personal favorites is the century tree:

Century tree
Century tree

Legend has it that if you walk under the tree with your significant other, you’ll be together forever.  Beware though, if you walk under it alone, you’re said to be destined to be alone forever.  Spooky, am I right?  There’s also a friendship branch that’s off to the right where the same jist above applies.  I thought this was a pretty cute tradition when I first got here, since we didn’t have anything like that at TXST.  Also, you may even see a cadet of the corp propose under this tree!  Ooh la la.

One thing I really love about this campus is how big it is.  Texas State’s campus was probably only 1/3rd of this.  Walking in the warm sunshine really makes my day go great, so large campuses are spot on.  You’re constantly surrounded by friendly faces and lush green spaces.  So, when it comes time for you to pack up for college, be sure to grab your hammock and make your way to Texas A&M University!

Thanks & Gig ‘Em!

If you’d like to see more pictures from our walk (and trust me there’s plenty more), you can find them on my Flickr.


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