Easter Fun in the Sun (and Rain)

Easter is both a fun and busy time, as I’m sure you know.  This weekend, Zach and I got to spend Easter together.  We went to my parents’ house from Friday to Sunday and it was a blast!


Even though Friday was a reading day and we didn’t have class, work was still going on.  Because of that (and because we needed to clean before we left), Zach, Crockett, and I didn’t head out until that evening, getting us to my parents’ place fairly late.  So, we unloaded the car, started some laundry (college students always seem to have loads of laundry waiting to be thrown in the wash), and went to sleep.  Pretty uneventful Friday, but Saturday was where the fun kicked in!

7 a.m. showed up bright and early, so we hopped out of bed and got ready to go grab a delicious cup of coffee at Mudsmith.  Now, Mudsmith is my absolute favorite coffee shop in all of Texas.  While I could do without the taxidermy animals on the walls, I really love the wood tables and the urban x lodge feel to it.  An added plus is that the baristas are very friendly–adding to the welcoming atmosphere.  You can never go wrong with a soy latte, so guess what I got?  A soy latte!  (Caught you off guard there, huh?)

While the rest of my family decided on different types of coffee, Zach decided to go with a hot chocolate.  He loved it!  Plus, it comes with cute milk art!  With the lovely music from Beach House playing, my Saturday morning was getting off to a great start!  After spending about an hour there, just talking about anything and everything, we made our way for our next event on our list.

Our first Easter egg hunt!  I have a big family, so our Easter was spread among two days.  While at my Aunt’s house, we hung out with their baby goats, hunted for some Easter eggs (the only type of hunting I will ever condone), and enjoyed some family time!  Overall, it was a really great time!

Once dinner rolled around, my parents, brother, Zach, and I all jumped in the car and headed for my favorite restaurant–Spiral Diner!


If you’re ever in Dallas or Fort Worth, I highly recommend grabbing some grub here.  Everything on their menu is vegan and absolutely delicious!  Although, there is one issue when I go there–I always have to order dessert!  All of their baked goods are remarkable!  After I finished my Big Kahuna burger, which was a great combination of ingredients to create an insanely delicious entree, Zach and I split dessert.  We decided on blueberry pie with apple crumble ice cream and a cup o’ joe.  Finishing our night, we all went back home to relax.  Zach and I ended up watching HBO’s new documentary, “Going Clear,” which is about Scientology, told from the perspectives of people who have left the church.  Saturday = fantastic!


Today got here before we knew it and the Easter bunny surprised us with some great baskets and plenty of eggs!  While it was raining when we woke up this morning, it was still a very interesting Easter egg hunt.  We ended up getting soaked!  Zach, my brother, and I both got solid amount of yummy candy and chocolate.  I know that it will last me quite a while!  Zach, on the other hand, is almost done with most of his!

Our last event for our Easter egg-stravaganza was to go to my grandma’s house for one more family egg hunt.  The little kids were the only ones who participated while the
“big kids” hid the eggs.  Again, this was a lot of fun and it’s great to see my nieces and nephews flashin’ the cutest smiles.  Once we finished some family bonding time, Zach, Crockett, and I had to head out in order to get back home before it got too late (plus we still had homework, ew).  Now that we’re back home, it’s time to enjoy the rest of the evening cuddling on the couch with Crockett while watching Kitchen Nightmares (it’s addicting!).  This weekend was amazing and even though I’m tired, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing about it.

Hopefully all of my readers’ Easter celebrations were fantastic, as well.  Do anything extra fun?  Let me know in the comments below!


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