We Went on Yet Another Adventure! Hiking in Bastrop State Park.

Good morning, everyone!  Yesterday was an amazing day for Zach, Crockett, and I, so let me tell you all about it!

Earlier this week, Zach and I decided that we wanted to go hiking at a state park this weekend.  Eventually after spending some time looking at a variety of options that were within a reasonable drive from our apartment, we decided on Bastrop State Park.  At this park, entrance fees are only $5/adult for day use and free for pups!  With Bastrop only being about an hour and fifteen minute drive from College Station, we easily just hopped in my Jeep and went on our way!

For this day trip, we brought a brought a backpack with us (somewhere around 20 liters) and packed the following:

  • 2 bottles of water (1 was 32 oz. and one was 24 oz.), which we refilled throughout our trip
  • 1 travel dog bowl
  • first aid kit (easily found at Walmart)
  • bug spray
  • bag of snacks
  • dog treats for Crockett
  • Poop bags (obviously for Crockett)
  • Sony 18.2mp Cyber-shot camera

Our pack wasn’t heavy at all and we were pretty much prepared for whatever (although, we did forget sunscreen).

Since Crockett was coming with us, and at Bastrop pets must be kept on a leash at all times, we had him in his harness, since he sometimes has a tendency to pull when he gets really excited.  We also made sure to stop every 30 minutes or so to give Crockett some water and to let him rest in the shade, just to make sure he didn’t overheat.

For our hike, we took the red trail, to brown, to purple, to orange, and then back to the purple trail.  This 2 hour hike was about 3.33 miles long, give or take a little bit.  The day was perfect combination of the warmth from the sun and the nice, cool breeze rustling through the trees.  At first, seeing all of the destruction from the wildfire from 2011 was quite sad.  But, even with a lot of the leaves gone on the lost pines, it was still a miraculous park.  Every step we took was filled with excitement and peace.

The trails were a combination of sandy sections and rocky parts, among hilly sections.  Overall, it was a great combination of different terrains and really made us feel as if we weren’t just in the middle of Texas.  We took quite a few pictures while we were going, but towards the very end we put the camera away to fully enjoy the nature around us.  Two and a half hours there was the perfect amount of time.  Our path gave us about two hours of actual hiking, with about 30 minutes of resting and water refills, which was really the perfect amount of time for a Saturday afternoon.  By the time we got back to the car we were all exhausted, but in a good way!  If you and some friends and/or family ever get a chance to go to Bastrop State Park, I highly recommend it!

If you want to see more photos, you can check them out on Flickr.


4 thoughts on “We Went on Yet Another Adventure! Hiking in Bastrop State Park.

  1. Looks like a great State Park. I may have to go visit it soon and do a day hike as well. Thanks for the info on what I might need to remember to pack for a day outing.


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