My Perfect Cup of Coffee

Good morning, everyone!  I hope all of my readers are enjoying a fantastic Saturday morning doing whatever makes their hearts happiest.  For me, that could be any number of things, but the main point is that you’re treating yourself right!

Now, I may have slept in quite a bit today (it’s currently 10:18 a.m.), but that doesn’t mean I can’t make myself a delicious cup of warm and comforting coffee to get this day started off on the right foot.  Speaking for myself (and I’m sure many others, as well), coffee is one of the things that I just LOVE.  I mean, who doesn’t want to wake up to the smell of freshly ground and brewing coffee in their kitchen?  I know I do!  So here is what consists of my perfect cup of coffee:


  • Madhava Salted Caramel Coffee Syrup- Seriously delicious.  I love the flavor of caramel but it is difficult to typically find something caramel-flavored that is vegan-friendly.  Have no fear, Madhava is here!  In addition to the caramel flavor, it’s salted caramel.  Can you say YUM?  When I originally saw this I was worried that the flavor would be too overpowering, but as long as your not putting too much in your coffee, you’ll be good!  I usually just put enough in my mug to barely cover the bottom.  A little goes a long way.
  • Silk Vanilla Soy Creamer- This stuff is amazing.  Before I found this at my local HEB I would just use plain soy milk, but this steps up your coffee-game to the next level!  A little of this also goes a long way, too.  When adding this, I add this on top of the salted caramel, usually about 1/2-inch (super accurate measuring, am I right?).  Finally, the most important step:
  • Cuvee Coffee in my French Press- This coffee roaster is located in Austin, Texas and they deliver a wonderful bag o’ beans.  Obviously the bag of coffee is not pictured, but I tend to alternate between their Hanapu and Mezzanote varieties.  Also important to this step, is the French press!  I really love the strength and flavor I get from using a French press, although if I’m more crunched for time or am sleep-deprived, I will also just go for regular, old-fashioned drip.  Either way, the real vital aspect to this step is the coffee itself.

On this wet and cozy morning, I’m pairing my coffee with the Spotify playlist below and a relaxing lavendar-scented soy candle.

I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!  Do you have any specific ways you make your coffee in the morning?  If so, let me and fellow readers now in the comments below!


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