MSC OPAS Brought Jerry Seinfeld!

From his self-titled TV show he had in the ’90s, his current web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” to his well-known stand-up persona, Jerry Seinfeld is a very active comedian.  So, when last semester I found out that MSC OPAS was bringing him to campus in March, I knew I had to get tickets!

Jerry Seinfeld. Image from The Guardian.

Well, last night was the night–Jerry Seinfeld came to Texas A&M’s Rudder Auditorium!  Like the title of this entry says, MSC OPAS, who brings all of the Broadway shows and big name performances to campus, were the ones responsible for bringing this fantastic event to our amazing university.  Tickets ranged in price, but regardless of how much you spent, it was worth every penny!

The show began with comedian Mario Joyner coming out and doing a 20-30 minute set.  (If you’re not sure who he is, watch the episode the of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” he was on with Colin Quinn here).  He was fantastic and incredibly funny.  The house was laughing, the walls were rumbling, and the audience had smiles on their faces.

After Joyner finished his set, the one and only Jerry Seinfeld came out!  His set lasted about an hour and 15 minutes, covering just about every topic you could imagine.  Seinfeld’s astounding performance truly displays how amazing he is as a stand-up performer; he had a constant flow throughout his entire show, never once creating a moment of awkward pause or transition.  One of the things I was most concerned about was the possibility of repeated material, but Seinfeld really made sure to give the audience an almost completely new show (there was only one string of jokes that I had heard before, but in comparison to how much content he had, it was less than a moment of his show).  Throughout the entire set, every single member of the audience was having a miraculous time.  Jerry Seinfeld made the performance feel special–he threw in some references to being at Texas A&M–and it was absolutely wonderful!

All I can say is that last night was a remarkable and memorable night, and a great way to kick off spring break, too.  If you ever get the chance to go see Jerry Seinfeld or Mario Joyner perform in person, all I would say is “Go! Go! Go!”  I hope y’all had a spectacular Thursday night, because I know I sure did!


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