Experiment Time: Vegan Alternative to the “Normal” Acne Care Routine

Trusty 32 oz. water bottle
Trusty 32 oz. water bottle

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the background on medication, it is often tested on animals.  Because of this, you couldn’t count over-the-counter or prescription acne medication as being vegan.  You will often have to contact thecompany directly in order to find out if a) they test on animals and b) if there are any animal-derived ingredients in the specific medication you are looking into.

For this little experiment, I used only two products from Lush, which does not test on animals.  The products included the 9 to 5 moisturizing cleanser and the Grease Lightning cleanser, both of which are explicitly labeled as “vegan.”  In addition to these two products, I made sure I drank 64 ounces of water every day, as a way to make sure I was treating my body right in getting enough water.

From the beginning, here is what my skin looked like:

Day 1
Day 1

Each day, my process was:

Morning: Wash face with 9 to 5, apply Grease Lightening to troubled areas, and drink one 32 oz. of water by noon.

Evening: Wash face with 9 to 5 and drink another 32 oz. of water by bedtime.

  Simple, right?  Indeed it was.  It was also wonderful having a clean face before heading out for the day and going to bed.  Before this experiment, I never washed my face twice a day–one time/day was my usual habit.  After this experiment, I think I will always wash my face 2x daily, I love the fresh feeling of it!

   Within one week, this is what my skin looked like:

Day 7.
Day 7.

   As today is day 7 of this little project, my skin feels much better.  While I still do have some pimples in select places on my face, my forehead is remarkably different.  My chin (another big problem area for me) is also quite a bit better, although this area could still use about another week of this routine to clear up even more.  My cheeks are also better; while they were never “terrible” in the first place, I still had a few pimples.

   In the end, I feel as if I am going to make this routine a requirement for myself.  It makes my skin feel so much better.  Making sure I drink 64 oz. of water also helps my mental clarity, which is a fantastic bonus.  I definitely recommend this routine as a vegan alternative to acne medications, as well as for a great form of self-care.  If you do end up trying this or have some opinions about my experiment, let me know in the comments below!


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