Back From an Adventure (Otherwise Known As a Vacation in the Pacific Northwest)

Hello, all!  I realize it has been a while since I have written anything, but I promise it was worth it because today will be a post all about why I’ve been gone–vacation!  I’ve gone up to Washington and Oregon several times before, as I have some family that lives up there, but this time around, it was strictly my boyfriend (now fiance, but we’ll get to that later) and I having some fun and exploring the cities that were around us!

Our game plan was to spend six days and five nights in the Pacific Northwest, hitting up Seattle, Snoqualmie/North Bend area, Olympia, and Portland.  I have to say that six days was the perfect amount of time to be there; if we had stayed anymore we would have been absolutely exhausted and if we had stayed any less, we would have left feeling as if we still missed out on some of what we wanted to do.

Seattle Space Needle
Seattle Space Needle

Day one was spent traveling and in Seattle, Washington.  We flew American Airlines on the way north and got there pretty

quickly, so we still had the entire afternoon to ourselves.  Once we officially reached Seattle we were starving, so our first stop was to Wayward Vegan Cafe.  Zach enjoyed some French toast, while I ordered chick’n and waffles–everything was vegan, of course.  Everything was absolutely delicious.  The French toast was full of wonderful spices and the chick’n and waffle was the perfect combo.  After we got our grub on, we headed to the EMP Museum to spend some time there.  EMP, which stands for Experience Music Project, is a pop-culture museum filled with several interesting exhibits.  While we were there the exhibits included a Nirvana section, a room dedicated to the Seattle Seahawks, a large room entirely about indie gaming, and a two-room exhibit about Jimi Hendrix.  To finish off the night, we headed over to Pike Place Market to get in a little bit of sightseeing before they closed for the day.  Overall, it was an amazing day and we
enjoyed everything we did.

The following morning was also spent in Seattle.  We went to Mighty-O Donuts for breakfast and then headed to Pike Place for some shopping and coffee.  Also, to my surprise, Zach proposed in front of the “public market center” sign near Pike and 1st!  It was such an amazing surprise and I am amazed and so grateful to have him in my life.  I mean, I don’t think he could have picked a better spot for me!  I loved it!  And of course, we got applause afterwards.  About noon or so we headed to Snoqualmie to go look at some Twin Peaks stuff since we both enjoy that show.  We went to the Double R (AKA Twede’s Cafe) so Zach could have some cherry pie and a “damn fine” cup of coffee.  It’s really for the novelty, as the food and coffee were not that great according to him.  We also went to go look at The Great Northern (Salish Lodge & Spa) with Snoqualmie Falls in the background.  It was a great evening looking at all of that stuff and we even topped it off with staying at JJ’s Roadhouse (Fall City Inn)!

The third day was spent visiting with family who live in Olympia.  We enjoyed plenty of time together by going to go see a movie, getting lunch, and making dinner together.  Even when you’re on vacation, it’s nice to have some down-time doing easy, enjoyable things that the whole family will be able to do.

Portland was on our agenda for the next day.  We woke up at 6 a.m. in order to leave by 7 a.m.  We arrived about nine or so and immediately checked-in to where we were staying, Aloft.  Once we dropped off our luggage, we hopped on the train to head towards downtown.  We first went to go get breakfast at Jam on Hawthorn, of which my cousin had recommended we try, and my god, she was right!  That place was absolutely amazing!  There was a wait outside, but it was worth it.  Zach ordered “The Other One” breakfast wrap and I ordered the Oatmeal Chai Blueberry pancakes.  I promise you, if you go there, you will have the absolute most amazing pancakes!  We also stopped at Stumptown Coffee Roasters and got some amazing coffee while we were out and about.  I definitely recommend their soy latte or Americano.  Our next stop on our walk around the city was to go to the “vegan mini-mall,” which is comprised of Scapegoat Tattoo, Food Fight! Grocery, Herbivore Clothing, and SweetPea Baking Co.  We picked up a few things, pictured below, and I will be posting a review of the products later on this week.  Once we had walked around for a while longer, we headed in for the night and enjoyed a full night’s rest.

Well, the last full day had arrived and we started things off with a bang.  We got going early in the morning and first headed to Blue Star Donuts, which was also recommended to us by my cousin.  Zach got a Mexican hot chocolate and a blueberry bourbon basil, while I got two cake donuts–a blueberry bourbon basil and a raspberry pistachio (their vegan donuts are marked with a “V”).  They were absolutely delicious and I wish we would have brought some home with us.  Once breakfast was over, we headed to another Stumptown Coffee location to get our caffeine-levels up to an all-time high.  After we finished walking around the Pearl District, we headed to the Lan Su Chinese Garden.  We had an amazing time there.  They even have a teahouse, where I tried their “Oriental Beauty” oolong tea.  After we wrapped up our sight-seeing at the garden, we headed back to Seattle where we would spend the last afternoon of our vacation.  Once we arrived, we checked into our hotel–Hotel Five.  It was wonderful!  The staff was exceptionally friendly, the rooms had laminate wood floors, spacious bathrooms, and a huge bed.  And to make things even better, it was only a ten minute walk to the waterfront.  For dinner, Zach and I went to go try Veggie Grill, which wasn’t incredibly impressive, but it was on the cheaper-side and all vegan-friendly.  We also decided to go see Inherent Vice while we were out, which I would definitely recommend.  Once the movie was over, it was late and we headed back to our hotel for the night, concluding the actual “fun” part of vacation, as we had to catch a flight the next morning to get back to Texas via Virgin America (which is so much better than American Airlines).

While we are back at home today and a bit sad that we still can’t be in the Pacific Northwest, every second of it was extremely enjoyable and we can’t wait to go back soon!  I know we’ll be counting every second ’til we’re able to get on a plane again.


One thought on “Back From an Adventure (Otherwise Known As a Vacation in the Pacific Northwest)

  1. I love the Pacific Northwest. It is such a great community of people and eclectic experiences! The scenery and views are fabulous as well!


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