Big Eyes: Let’s Take This Waltz

Love, love, love.  That’s the main thing I have to say about this move–I loved it!  The casting was great, Tim Burton’s directing really shone through the film, and the set design was fabulous.  For those of you that don’t know what this film is about, here is the trailer:

Before we delve into everything that is great about this movie, let’s first go into what’s not-so-great.  One of the most prevalent things one may notice is the uneven pacing throughout the movie; at times scenes seem too pass by quickly and others seem to drag on.  What’s a little concerning about this is the fact that the things that would seem to be the most important are the scenes that are passed over the quickest.  Another concerning point is that Jason Schwartzman was prevalent in most trailers, but actually only has a very brief amount of screen time throughout the entire movie.  Perhaps having him as more of a main character was just my expectation but I thought the trailers portrayed him as being a bigger aspect of this film.  Other than those two points, I don’t have many negative thoughts surrounding this movie.

“Big Eyes” movie poster from

For the great things, there are so many!  One of the most important things for me when seeing a movie is the cast, and in this movie is no exception.  The ever-so amazing Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams play the two main characters, Walter and Margaret Keane.  Each of them give an excellent performance and contribute immensely to how this film turned out.  I also thought that the soundtrack gave a nice accompaniment to the film, although it definitely wasn’t a selling point.  The set design and color scheme for this film also were a cut above the rest.  Almost every one of the scenes is filled with vibrant and beautiful colors, pulling the audience in to the story line that much more.  The ending also leaves the audience leaving the theater satisfied.  While they do cut away from the ending pretty quickly, the final scenes really give the audience what they want–a little bit of suspense and a lot of fantastic resolution.

In the end, I really loved this movie and would definitely recommend people to go see it, even if they have a little bit of doubt about it.  You will leave the theater satisfied and possibly wanting for more.

Movie trailer from MOVIECLIPS Trailers on YouTube


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