Product Review: 1:Face Watch

How many of you have heard of the company 1:Face?  If you haven’t, no need to feel worried about being out of the loop.  1:Face is a company based in Illinois that makes watches; the proceeds from these watches go towards a charity, which is dependent on the watch that you purchase.  I just recently heard about them, and based on one of the emails I had with one of their employees, they sound like they’re an up-and-coming company.

Some of the different watches you have a choice of include:

‘Cancer’ from

Cancer: $40, proceeds go towards the American Cancer Society

‘Environment’ from
Environment: $40, proceeds go towards The Adventure Project
‘AIDS’ from

AIDS:  $40, proceeds to towards Keep A Child Alive

Plus several other options.

The watch that I picked was the white one, which benefited Face of Change.  It took quite a while to arrive, since the particular watch that I chose was back-ordered and it took them a while to get them back in stock.  But once it arrived, I was satisfied.  In person, it looked great!  I loved the way the contrasting colored band works with the square face.  I also like how the screen doesn’t stay lit up; the back light goes out and the screen becomes somewhat mirror-like.  I also love the square face of the watch.  Aesthetic-wise, I love this product!

My ‘hunger’ watch when it first arrived.

The downside is how easily the time gets changed due to the easily-pushed buttons on either side of the watch’s face.  Sometimes I would check the time and it’d say 4:30 p.m., which cause a moment of panic in me because I thought I was late for class.  Once I double-checked the time using my phone, my fears died down and I easily set the watch to the correct time.  This does become a bit bothersome if you use this as your “go-to” watch, since you have to constantly be careful.

Overall, I was really excited for this product to arrive.  I mean, I get an awesome looking watch and am able to help a charity, too?  Sign me up!  Again, the only downsides were that it took quite a while to arrive (approximately a month, due to it being back-ordered) and that the time is easily changed by bending your wrist or daily activities.  Now, if you’re looking for a watch for consistent functionality, you might be better getting something else.  However, if you’re looking for a watch that looks great from casual to dressed-up occasions and want to help others at the same time, this is definitely a great product!  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is currently looking for holiday gifts for others or for a “treat yo’ self” gift.

If you happen to already have one of these, let me know your opinions in the comments below!


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