Movie: Listen Up, Philip

  This weekend my boyfriend and I decided to enjoy a relaxing evening at home, complete with a homemade dinner and a movie.  It always takes us a while to decide on what we’re going to watch, but eventually we picked Listen Up, Philip.

   I had been wanting to watch this movie for a while, both because I really like Jason Schwartzman and also because I thought the trailer looked interesting (which you can take a peek at here).  I knew this was going to be out in select theaters, but unfortunately College Station was not going to be one of them.  I figured I’d probably just have to wait until we went to visit Austin or another larger city before we were able to watch it.  But good news came when Schwartzman was on Sirius XMU Total Control.  He had mentioned that it would also be available on-demand.  So, of course my boyfriend and I rented it from Amazon.
  Upon starting the movie, I had high hopes for it.  I mean, I wasn’t familiar with anything the director had done previously, but with Elizabeth Moss and Johnathan Pryce in it, I figured it’d be worth the $6.99.  Unfortunately, this was not so.
  The movie starts out like a typical melancholy film, but rather than take the audience on a roller coaster of a ride, it just stays that way.  For the entire movie.  Okay, sure, there are a few interesting parts, but for the majority of the movie it just wasn’t innovative or enjoyable enough.  The actors gave a good performance, but the script just wasn’t supportive of their capability.  The writing was sub-par throughout the duration of the film.
  It’s one thing if you’re Wes Anderson and have this style of movie (because he can pull it off), but Alex Ross Perry is not quite as good as Anderson at that style of film.  Perry has the cast he would need if he were to execute a film like this, but just can’t seem to do it.  Maybe you’ll have better luck next time.

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