Beginning Here

Everyone starts a new chapter of their live several times throughout their lifetime.  It’s expected.  It’s exciting.  For myself, starting college and moving to different cities have all been different, but exciting times in my life.  So since this is my first post, I might as well introduce myself, right?

Hi, I’m Alex.  I’m currently a college student at Texas A&M University, currently working towards getting my degree in English.  I’m originally from north Texas, where I grew up all of my life.  I was a fun-loving kid who enjoyed playing drums and skateboarding.  I was quite an active child between all of the sports I played– football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track.  After high school, I moved to San Marcos for three semesters to attend Texas State University.  After meeting my boyfriend there, we decided that San Marcos wasn’t for us and began to look for a new university to attend, which brings us to the present.

As I said, I’m majoring in English and pretty soon am hoping to add a Women & Gender Studies minor to that.  After I graduate, my goal is to work in the publishing industry.  Some of the few places that I would love to have the opportunity to get an internship at or even work at include Bitch Magazine, Bust Magazine, or an independent press somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m learning all there is to know about becoming an adult and trying to face the responsibilities, as well.  It’s been an interesting life thus far and I hope it continues to be that way!


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